Betfury Review:Is Betfury legit? Is Betfury Safe?


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If you do a lot of casinos you will notice after a few weeks that Betfury requires a more hands on approach. From the blatent kind of things like you click on a number and the whole number is selected when you tap something, to leaving the bets where they blew up in hope you inadvertant tap (happened to me last weekend poof 0.3 bnb).

The thing is. Sure, you can have like 45 losses in a row on 50/50 odds. There are charts that show you that you have oh 47 losses possible before doomsday or whatnot? And the last loss of that chain of losses is 0.002% Sure. If you are running hundreds of bets in sequence, as I'm sure you know if you don't just bet safe, is ya your gonna hit that 0.002% a lot. It's gonna slide on you the moment you stand up or go pee but ya that's random numbers. The thing about betfury is you start to notice. You just lost 45 times in a row at 50%. OK you tell yourself it's normal it happens. But then you notice. It happens again. And again. And the 8th time in a row you lost your shit you just feel filthy, repulsive.

And I'll be honest I hate these guys the most right now cause well I didn't set 2 factor otp on my account right. So ya it's legit possible someone could have figured out my password and logged in and ganked all my 1200 bfg and like ya I understand they can't recompense or anything that's ok and what not. I'm just feeling, after having to use a VPN since they for whatever reason deemed USA verbotim and filthy, that was seriously fishy. On a day they were claiming 12-36 hours on withdrawel, suddenly when BFG is plunderble blamm mine is gone to a new bnb address, off to another that seems to be harvesting. I'm not saying it's an inside job. But it feels like a inside job.

This casino straight up is bad for your (my) soul, unless you are like a whale or you enjoy pain a little. If you are a kinda tough guy posturing maybe a little fascist kinda puss maybe but all in all you like to neg your friends and your loved ones and like kinda enjoy laying on the insult and kinda enjoy the experience of being insulted and feeling dirty but knowing it's great cause it's culture and your a tough guy posturing testosterone laden kinda wuss kinda alpha, kinda um, weenie but rough? Betfury is for you.

I have to walk away. It's eating up my soul. I won't advocate other casinos but I have found others that don't perpetuate the sensation of having my scrotum roughed up by invisible ethereal sea otters with dwarf clubs in psychological and emotional ways as Betfury does to me. It could just be me and well I will say, I urge you to try Betfury and ya it has good things about it as well as what I am noting here. Just my 2 cents and thank you.


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I have to agree with commenter. Been running dice martingale which requires 20 losses in a row for me to lose on both Betfury and stake. And I’ve hit that 20 losses in a row every few days on Betfury while on stake I haven’t hit that 20 loss streak in almost 1 month. Seems really fishy, I’ve seen a lot of comments from people saying house games especially there’s an algorithm that will make you lose no matter what.