DOA Wildline Chasing


Hi there!

I'm new here and as the title suggests I am looking for a good strategy to grind wildline for Dead or Alive online slot as Im going on holiday soon!

I had some very good experiences on this slot in the past on TempleNile, I remember with a last deposit of 500 GBP I managed to cash out 7.5 k mostly from DOA wildlines on 9p, 27p and all the stakes up to 90p.
Its been like 3 magical days when I broke it. All my winnings are posted on Casinogrounds forum just so you know that I'm not trolling!

So, from your own past and present experiences what casinos do you think I should try to deposit on, whether I should take the match up bonus or straight cash, how many casinos at the same time because as all the others would think, the more casinos at the same time, the bigger chances to hit the WildLine although It wasnt like that for me, it was even much worse than a single session but I'd like to know your honest opinion regarding this.
Which stakes should I play on and which bankroll for every stake. 9p is the stake I play most of the time although I heard that when you feel the slot is hot you should increase it at least to 27p and if I'm remembering well that was the case when playing on TempleNile, grinded on 9p first, got the wildline then total freeze and finally after increasing, the wildlines came up one by one on different high stakes, 27, 45, 54, 72p!

I was thinking at LeoVegas, MrGreen, Videoslots, CasinoCalzone, SlotsMillion and I'm waiting for other suggestions!
I am banned on Casumo and every casino related to White Hat Gaming unfortunately. I dont know the reasons but its bad :(
Should I try many deposits at the same time on different casinos and play them at the same time or just a deposit at a time? I have patience on this slot and I was thinking to play for like 2 or 3 hours then if it freezes, wait or change for a chill 10p stake on Book of Dead or 20p on Bonanza then come back to DOA after 2 or 3 hours and so on!

I forgot to mention all the wildlines I got on templenile was on manual very fast spin which is not the case now, as far as I know all the UKGC casinos offer only auto slow spins right now. You can no longer stop the reels and speed up all the spinning :(
Maybe you know some casinos that still have the fast autospinng feature. Also, I've heard there is some sort of new version of Dead or Alive, a HMTL5 version or something like that changing the outcome. From my current experience I can say, the wilds come much faster right now but that one wild missing to complete the wildline or even give 5 extra spins is more and more present recently than it was in the past. Did anyone else notice this!?

Is it possible that opting for a deposit bonus might change the final outcome than if it was a normal deposit with no bonus added, Im talking of non-sticky bonusses, of course!?

9p is my favourite stake right now, just last night I missed the wildline on MrGreen with 6 spins left, with 19 GBP left in my balance, put me up to 52 GBP though, no retrigger, just 2 hat lines! So, I want to play it progressively until I hit the first wildline after so long. At least to know that is still exists! The last wildline I had was on Curacao in October last year but pointless as I wasnt able to cash out because of wagering! I've also hit 2 times wildline on DOA2 there but the same useless!

I opted for DOA over DOA2 because of the basegame payouts and I'm thinking to stick to it. Besides, I like more DOA, personal preference :)

Sorry for the long message but I just wanted to be sure I covered it all. I have like 800 GBP bankroll to play with and have some fun so please guide me wisely how I should make a profit out of it or at least close to profit and make it last enough!

Thanks a lot in advance and every advice is welcomed!
First thing that comes to mind is that you probably shouldnt take a bonus if you are going on a Doa wildline hunt, most sites wont allow you to wager a bonus on Dead or alive.
So make sure to check the T&Cs if you plan on playing with bonus money.

Other than that, i have a pretty good system for Doa.

1. Press spin button.
2. If a bonus landed, let it play out and hope for a wildine.
3. Repeat step 1.

It has given me many wildlines on both Dead or alive and Whos the bride over the years.