More tinfoil hat stuff!


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So here's what happened to me today.

Playing on a casino I just started using last week, had deposited £10 and was playing low stakes and getting shafted as per. I had already deposited quite a bit over the past few days. Anyway I'm down to £3 on bonanza at 20p and noticed my balance shot up to £13. Went to check out why and I'd been awarded a £10 weekly bonus, 35x wagering and capped at £100. Usually I never bother with these but thought sod it might as well burn through it for entertainment and get back to my non-bonus balance of £3. So had a few hits on bonanza at 40p and got an 85x win. Wacked the stake up to £1 then £2 as I just wanted to burn the balance and not get a bonus that would be capped, and of course a £2 bonus came in and I hit 200x! I was actually annoyed as I'd been through thousands of spins on bonanza with no bonus in sight and then it lands when I'm capped. In the end got through wagering pretty fast with a figure of exactly £100 left in balance, literally the second my balance dropped from £102-£100 I get a pop up saying 100% wagering completed. Suffice to say I made a withdrawal!

No theories here, but I have to say I was heading to bust town and the way the games magically started paying as soon as I was in bonus funds was uncanny. Anyone else every noticed this?


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Had the same happen myself a few weeks back, with the bonus capped at £300. Miraculously I too hit x700 odd on £2 stake, when Bonanza had quickly destroyed my initial deposit. Wagered it on Gonzo (as games were very restricted).

Think I had about a £2,000 balance and on the spin wagering was completed it dropped to £300. A nice £1,700 bonus for the Casino that they didn’t have to pay and my rtp affected.