NBA _ Phoenix Suns vs Dallas Mavericks - 2nd round


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This is another official match-up.

It's Luka vs Booker and CP3 vs Brunson.

What team do you like to win, and why do you believe they will win?

Head to head record.
Mavericks have never won a single game in the last 9 games they met.
Will that record be enough to determine that the Mavericks here as no chance to win?


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Suns will on this series 99.99% as Mavericks has no way to counter the strong line-up of Suns which is Ayton, CP3 and Booker. Suns is a monster when this 3 is on the floor because they can get an easy inside points due to CP3 and Ayton combo with the threat of 3s by Booker. I never see a strong team like this inside and out. I really thought they are already done when Booker injured but CP3 takeover is huge upgrade for them.

I guess CP3 really need badly this year championship ring and trophy.