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\Good morning all!

As we warm our hands over the charred remains of another Walmart decimated in the wake of black Friday, we gather together in another pagan celebration of rampant consumerism - Cyber Monday!

For those not in the know, Cyber Monday came about when a bunch of big corporation executives looked around and asked themselves: “Is there really enough days dedicated to buying stuff we don’t need?” So in the spirit of global capitalism, we thought it was high time that users of fiat currency became more aware of the flaws in their false idol - we’d hate for anyone to be disappointed with the dollars, pounds or yen in their wallets

We want you to review your local fiat currency! Let us know your star rating, and how satisfied you are with the value, function, and applications available with fiat. Here's an example to get those creative juices flowing:

Satoshi Nakamoto
* (1 Star)
US Dollars
Tried it a couple of times and the results were disappointing. Updates were uncalled for and made the product worse.
Plus, terrible customer support from the manufacturer. You're better off making your own! Stay Away!

On the 4th December we’re going to be picking our favourites.
The most hilarious, cutting and clever review will win a tasty 0.043 BTC, with 4 runners up claiming 0.017 BTC each.

We’ll also be picking 10 ‘special mentions’, who will receive a commemorative physical bitcoin that we’ll post to you. Because capitalism be damned.

Oh what, you thought we were done?

All entries will go into a raffle to win 0.029 BTC! The time of your entry is your ticket, which will be displayed on a public spreadsheet. Whoever’s entry time matches the last two digits on the hash of the first block mined after 10:00AM UTC on 5th December will win.


INR (Indian National Rupee)

3 star

Works fine: If you have in your pocket it belongs to you ,very similar to bitcoin if you have private keys, it is yours.
Hard Forked: One fine morning Indian government find that there might be problem in existing notes and they hard forked .
Counterfeit: You never know when you get counterfeit one (that is also one of the reason to hardfork it)
Store of Value: There are lot of anonymous "Hodler" of this currency. It is rumored that lot of holders have money in Swiss bank .
Centralized : Just like XRP.